COMPOSITION for voice performer (1997 and 2007)
by Ami Yoshida+Minoru Sato

The piece 'COMPOSITION for voice performer' is a composition with regards to vocal performance which is improvisational. Here I use the theme of "composition" based on the assumption that the "composition" can reproduce the essence and nature of vocal performance where the performer intends.
First of all, I request that the performer is conscious of the specific configuration of her/his improvisational piece in performance.
Recording each performance separately several times, the performances may be the same piece of music, as the performer aims for such consistency. However, this can not be entirely possible as the voice changes in accordance with physical and mental conditions and structural vagueness in the music and so on. The more abstract the music, the larger the difference will be.
I compiled the recordings as layers, thus having a collective "composition" reproduced in this piece.

'COMPOSITION for voice performer'は即興的なヴォイスパフォーマンスをテーマとして扱うものである。
最終的にこれらの録音素材を編集段階で幾つも重ね合わせる。この作業を通して'COMPOSITION for voice performer'では、演奏者により意図された「パフォーマンス作品」の性質と、再現ごとに発生する細かな変化が明示されるであろう。

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